20 February 2018
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Nothing impossible:

  1. If you want to join this clique, we can take for granted that you like Velázquez in some way, so... Let's take it for granted ;)
  2. You don't need to have a website but you have to own a valid e-mail account so that someone who share your interest in Velázquez or myself can get in touch with you. E-mails displayed here are protected, so it's less probable that you get junk mail from here.
  3. If you've got a site, it doesn't matter what it is about, but you have to put the code -a text or image link to somewhere there. Anyway, I won't list any sites that I consider offensive (don't worry, I don't get easily offended ;D)
  4. If you don't have a website, you can put the code in your e-mail signature if you want to. I'll check regularly if the codes are on the websites listed, and if it is not, I'll have to warn their owners... ;)
  5. Still reading all this? Go grab a code!

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